Monday, 12 May 2008

It's not what you think...

...I'm not obsessed with Iron Man, I swear. I just think the character of Tony Stark is full of awesomesauce =w=

Photoshop 7. Er... I don't know how to draw metal surfaces, clearly >> Practice, practice... One of my favourite parts of the movie was when Iron Man fired a chest beam at the Iron Monger, and I suddenly thought "CARE BEAR STARE!!" Lmao~

Friday, 9 May 2008

Fanart sketchdump

Here's some Ace Attorney doodles, some new some old (like from a month ago).Why do I not have more Ace Attorney fanart up here? =_= Phoenix's hair is hard to draw...

Some Apollo Justice sketches, and BL 8D Hurhurhur... *gets shot* Man, Klavier/Apollo are a really cute pairing! IMHO, Klavier's too girly to top, but Apollo's SUCH a stereotypical bottom, hahaha.

Wh-what? Gavins as toddlers? D8 Even for a fangirl, this is shameful OTL

Oh man~ I can't believe I was lame enough to draw Iron Man fanart =_= Gotta watch that movie again though. I don't remember much of the details...

Haha~ this never happened in the movie, but I could totally see Tony Stark pulling one of them 'painted on glasses gags' just to mess with Pepper. I <3 the dynamics between those two characters! X)

That's all for now~